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“Dear Shelly, thank you for the beautiful diary I had an opportunity to write in every day, pleasant things and also the less pleasant things. I discovered a lot about myself”

Sharon, 8 year old girl

Playing CBT

An intelligent simple set that deals with the concepts of cognitive therapy by playing a game, and creates a rich experience.

A powerful game that every therapist and parent will find very helpful.

Dan recommends "Playing CBT"

The Flexible Protocol

“The ability to examine ourselves and reality; to act not out of emotion, or out of avoidance of emotions, but in partnership with our emotions, allows us to shape the meaning of our lives. We are not supposed to act only for enjoyment or avoidance of suffering. We are mostly meant to contribute to the amendment of the world. These guidelines are necessary means for this said amendment.”

Yissachar Eshet - Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Counselor and lecturer

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