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A complete therapeutic / preventive protocol for emotional regulation – 32 therapy sessions + 14 parent training sessions (303 pages).

The Flexible Protocol provides theoretical background and practical and creative ideas for sessions with children and adolescents (and their parents). The protocol is intended for therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, group facilitators and more.

The protocol is “flexible” – namely, it may be adapted to a variety of ages, a variety of difficulties, groups or individuals, as a preventive or therapeutic program. As a preventive program, therapists may follow all 32 sessions as they are; for therapeutic purposes, therapists may adapt and implement the subjects and number of sessions to the child’s specific needs.

All sessions detailed in the protocol are accompanied by ideas and explanations for activities, examples and psycho-educational explanations.

Preface                The Flexible Protocol for Emotional Regulation

Introduction       The Protocol’s Theoretical Background

Unit 1-First Sessions

Unit 2-“It is important to me that…” – Activities focusing on meaning, values and strengths

Unit 3-“My Emotions and Me” – Awareness and Coping with Emotions

Unit 4-“When my body feels, I feel” – The relationship between sensations and emotions

Unit 5 -“I Think Therefore I Am” – The Cognitive Model

Unit 6-“Faster, Higher, Stronger” – Emotion Dynamics

Unit 7 -Examining Each Emotion Separately – An In-depth Take On Emotions, Situations and Sources of Support

Unit 8-The Emotion Guard – Emotional Expression and Interpersonal Communication

Unit 9-Parent Training Program


“The ability to examine ourselves and reality; to act not out of emotion, or out of avoidance of emotions,
but in partnership with our emotions, allows us to shape the meaning of our lives. We are not supposed
to act only for enjoyment or avoidance of suffering. We are mostly meant to contribute to the amendment
of the world. These guidelines are necessary means for this said amendment.”
Yissachar Eshet – Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Counselor and lecturer.
This book is the result of hands on experience. We have been engaged in the field of children’s therapy
for many years, during which we dealt with a wide variety of problems. Our experience in providing
therapy for these children led us to understand that the basis for most problems we encountered is
difficulty in emotional regulation, which is expressed by feeling, thinking and behavior.
Since both of us work mainly with children, we must work creatively. Over the years we have developed
tools designed to help children develop ways of communication that were unavailable to them. The
methods we developed were not necessarily verbal, and designed to motivate children to collaborate,
and to establish an enjoyable – even if not always easy, and at times even challenging – relationship
with the aim of bringing about change. Over the years we decided to publish the tools we created as
games, illustrated forms and workbooks.
This protocol is another step in our path. In this book we unveil our therapeutic doctrine step by step.
Our methodology is based on the teachings of the founders of the Behavioral Cognitive Approach
which, combined with meaning-centered therapy, arts and CBT Third Wave approaches, served as
our guiding principles.

Dr. Yael Sharon, Behavioral-Cognitive Arts Therapist, with more than 30 years of experience. Certified
instructor on behalf of ITA – Israeli Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies and YAHAT –
the Israeli Arts Therapy Association. Former National Instructor in the Ministry of Education on the
subject of art therapy. Instructor and lecturer for education and therapy personnel. Director of the
CBT-ARTS program at the Psagot Institute. Developer of creative tools for therapists.

Shelly Zantkeren – Behavioral-Cognitive Therapist. MA in Educational and Applied Psychology and
Education Consultancy. Expert member of ITA – Israeli Association for Behavioral and Cognitive
Therapies. Instructor and lecturer in the field of emotional regulation, anxiety and social skills.
Developer of programs and games in the field of emotion regulation and CBT.





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