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Playing CBT Game 3 – Board game, advanced stage

Advanced Version • Playing CBT game board 2 • Event cards • Negative thought cards • Emotion cards • Behavior cards • Physical sensation cards • Coping thought cards Each player receives an emo, one card from each deck (event, negative thought, emotion, physical sensation, coping thought and behavior) and 2 tokens. In order to win you must be the first to reach the end of the board and collect 25 tokens. If you did not collect 25 tokens, you must match pairs or create sequences as explained below in order to collect more tokens. At the end of the game, all players cash-in their cards in the following manner: Pairs: • Matching a coping thought card with a negative thought card grants you 2 tokens. • A set of various intensities of the same emotion (e.g. fear-anxiety) grants you 2 tokens. • Matching a physical sensation with an emotion (e.g. stomachache-love), grants you 2 tokens. עמוד 14 Mind Reading: When we believe that we know what others think, these are usually bad things about us ("She thinks I am stupid"). Mental Filter: When we filter out all the good things and focus on the negative things. "The party was terrible because I didn’t win the last game". Labeling: When we label things and people based on one quality while ignoring all other options or characteristics ("I'm a loser"; "He's a nerd").