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PlayingCBT playing with the Emotion Board

Playing with Emotions Both the labeling (naming) and the quantification (intensity) of emotions have been found to be crucial components in the mental health of children and adults. As such, they are key elements in preventive plans and in numerous therapeutic protocols, including The Flexible Protocol for Emotional Regulation (Sharon & Zantkeren, 2016). Option I - Identifying and Naming Emotions Use: • Emotion board • Event cards • Tokens Put the emotion board and the event cards deck in the middle of the table. Cover all the illustrations on the emotion board with blue tokens so that only the titles are visible. Each player in their turn takes an event card and chooses a matching emotion. The player describes the emotion and explains its association with the event (i.e. using the automatic thought). If the explanation makes sense, the player collects the token. The winner is the player who collected the most tokens and cards. This game provides a glimpse into the child's thinking style, as well as his/her emotional repertoire. If the child’s repertoire seems limited, you may want to work with him/her on identifying and naming emotions.